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Looking forward to going to a beach resort in the Caribbean soon? Or taking a backpacking trip in Europe? Or maybe you’re looking forward to going to international Deaf events?

What if you lost your credit card or citizenship passport while traveling? Accidents like these can happen. What can you do to make sure you’re safe and protected?

Grab your Convo Passport now! 

Convo Passport helps you during these situations. You can make VRS calls to your bank in the United States or call your family for help anywhere and anytime.

The neat thing about Convo Passport is that it’s useful for emergencies, and you can use it to connect with your loved ones to share the news!

During the summer, when prominent Deaf international events such as the Deaflympics and Clin d’Oeil happened, many users reported their satisfaction with Convo Passport. They shared the most exciting updates with their loved ones and made conversations with their friends and relatives back home.

With Convo Passport, you can be in the moment with some of the most exciting memories – such as discussing gorgeous sightseeing views, describing your days, and connecting with your loved ones.

The world is yours. Convo’s here to support your VRS needs anytime and anywhere, no matter where you are.

Don’t forget to send a postcard to your loved ones! We got your back.

Learn more about Convo Passport and get yours now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why should I get my Convo Passport?

Convo Passport allows you to make calls to or from the United States anytime while traveling internationally. If you don’t have Convo Passport, you won’t be able to make calls to or from the United States. When you have Convo Passport, you can feel safe and secure knowing you’ll be able to make calls in case of emergencies.

When should I get my Convo Passport?

We strongly recommend getting your Convo Passport as soon as you have confirmed your travel dates, as it takes a few business days for the FCC to approve your request.

Can I make a local call in a country outside the U.S. with Convo Passport?

No, you can only make calls to or from the United States. This is based on FCC regulations.

Will my information be shared or used in any way?

We need to inform the FCC that you’re traveling overseas so that they know you may use VRS while traveling. You’ll be covered when you fill out your information and get your Convo Passport!

How do I request a Convo Passport?

There are two ways you can request your Convo Passport.


  • Go to
  • Click on the Passport tab in the top right corner
  • Fill out the traveling information
  • Click on “Request Passport”
  • You’re done!


  • Go to your Convo app
  • Click on three white lines on the top left corner
  • Click on your profile name
  • You’ll be directed to your Profile page
  • Click on the Passport tab in the top right corner
  • Fill out the traveling information
  • Click on “Request Passport”
  • You’re done!

For a visual guide, please go here to find out more.

Is Convo Passport the same as my Passport for travel? 

Nope, your Convo Passport and U.S. Citizenship Passport are two different things. 

I registered for a Convo passport and can still not make or receive calls. 

That’s no fun! Here’s a quick guide to follow so you can get back to making calls with your Convo Passport.

  • Restart your phone. If it still doesn’t work, try switching to a different WiFi network.
  • If it still doesn’t work, try turning off the WiFi and using your cellular data to make calls.
  • If it works, reconnect with any WiFi you can find. Go here to find your Internet Protocol (IP) information. Share your IP information with Customer Support for more help.

Note: Countries with established cell service networks will be more likely to connect your calls with Convo Passport than countries without.

How long is my Passport valid?

Your Convo Passport is good for up to 28 days.

I am traveling for more than 28 days. How do I extend my passport? 

You can make multiple Convo Passport requests if you plan to travel for more than 28 days. Make sure that the dates of your second Convo Passport request do not overlap with your first Convo Passport request.

For example, you have an 8-week trip that starts on August 1. In your first Convo Passport request, you should put your dates as August 1 to August 29. In your second Convo Passport request, you must set the dates as August 30 to September 27. This will cover your trip with your Convo Passport.

IMPORTANT: The FCC has waived the rule preventing extensions of passports until June 30, 2023, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After June 30, 2023, this rule may change. We will inform you by then if things have changed.

Can I use my VRS Español number with my Convo Passport? 

Convo Passport only works with English VRS numbers.

Can Convo Passport be applied for in more than two regions at the same time? 

Yes, you can select as many regions as you need. To add multiple regions, type the second region you plan to travel to so you can see a dropdown menu to click on the correct area you are looking for. This process also works if you plan to add more regions when you make your Convo Passport request.

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