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Yep, it’s true! We’re giving Convo customers 20 complimentary Convo Now minutes per month to use anywhere, anytime.

Maybe you’re asking why we’re doing this. The answer is simple: from day one, we’ve always had this vision of opening up the world for all Deaf people and unlocking new everyday experiences.

Convo Now is a way to do that, and we’re not stopping at 20 complimentary minutes per month. This is just the beginning—as Convo grows, so does your access to the world. This is our promise to you.


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Start here and we’ll take you to a form where you’ll share a couple of things with us before we can set you up with a Convo Now account.

This Convo Now offer is only for our Deaf/HH community. If you are not deaf, please head over to here.

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Our story

Founded in March 2009, Convo is the world’s largest Deaf-owned business with over 500 employees serving five countries in ten different languages.

Here at Convo, we believe that conversations are the key to enhancing the lives of 70 million Deaf individuals and the people around them. By creating solutions to address the experience deprivation that many Deaf people face, we can have a lasting and positive impact on their daily lives.

To learn more about each of the countries we serve, visit our global website.