The Deaf Ecosystem is the flow of money and resources within the Deaf community. As one of the largest Deaf-owned companies in the world, we strongly believe in doing our part to grow the Deaf Ecosystem. We do this is by choosing Deaf-owned businesses and Deaf professionals whenever possible, collaborating with schools and organizations for the Deaf, and using our platform to share resources with the community.

More job opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people, vibrant schools for deaf and hard of hearing students, booming Deaf-owned businesses, a community that is healthy and supportive… This is the future we’re investing in.


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The Deaf Ecosystem Directory is a one-stop listing of local and nation-wide Deaf-owned businesses, Deaf professionals, and organizations and schools for the Deaf. It is a free resource that we maintain in our Convo app. There are currently over 800 listings in the directory. You may be surprised to find what is near you!

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Deaf Ecosystem Spotlight is a video series we do in partnership with The Daily Moth to shine light on the existing Deaf-owned businesses, Deaf professionals, and schools and services for the Deaf. Watch the videos to learn about fascinating topics and people in our community!

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The Deaf Ecosystem Directory is available on our app.

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