Show the real you in every VRS call

( What is VRS? )

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The way we see it, interpreting is a job only a human can do.

We choose humans who fit Convo’s philosophy of focusing on making sure every Deaf caller feels like they own their call. And then we give them tools and resources to do the job differently than the competition. This helps to promote Convo’s values of growth, ownership and inclusion.

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VRS Preferences

We get that there’s no one size that fits all. With our VRS preferences feature, you can choose your default settings and customize settings for specific contacts.

Sign-centric design

100% app-based

An Integrated Experience

Multiple Access

Stay logged in and receive calls on all Convo platforms simultaneously.

Synced Notifications

Keep tabs of received and missed calls on your iPhone, Mac, Android, and Windows PC.

Contacts & Directories

Access the same Contacts and Deaf Ecosystem Directory on all Convo apps.


Calls made easy​

VRS on the web— No Download Required.

VRS Español

The way VRS Español should be.

You or your hearing friends and family can just make a call, and it’ll connect directly to an interpreter who can communicate in ASL, English, and Spanish. Learn more.


Do you use VRS at work?

We offer customized work bundles to support your VRS experience as a professional. Our most popular feature in the work bundle is Convo Greeting, your personalized automated greeting! We love this feature because it doesn’t put VRS in the forefront of your identity. Learn more.

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