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As a member of the Deaf Ecosystem during the holidays, this is a perfect time to talk about the Deaf Ecosystem and why you should know about it, too. 

Dissecting what Ecosystem means 

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “ecosystem” is: “something (such as a network of businesses) considered to resemble an ecological ecosystem especially because of its complex interdependent parts.” 

Being interdependent is a trait that leads to a healthy ecosystem that nurtures and sustains communities by sharing resources to support each other. One of main factors driving the Deaf Ecosystem is to #ShopDeaf, a concept that we will explain in depth later in this post.

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What’s the Deaf Ecosystem?

It’s a network full of Deaf people, organizations, schools, communities, and other social groups and institutions that come together to support one another through resources, money, and opportunities. When we become interdependent on each other, we uplift one another and we advance our communities to higher levels in a hearing-dominated society.

At Convo, we bring the Deaf Ecosystem to the front and center in what we do as a business. That’s why we have our own Deaf Ecosystem Directory with 800+ Deaf-owned businesses that you can look through and support. Also, we have a unique series of interviews called Deaf Ecosystem Spotlight where we explore Deaf-owned businesses, Deaf schools, and Deaf-led services to discover topics that you may be interested to learn about.

To learn more about the Deaf Ecosystem, go here. Want to see your business in our Directory? Apply here. Want access to our Deaf Ecosystem Directory? Sign up with Convo now!

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How do I invest in the Deaf Ecosystem?

Thanks for being eager to support the Deaf Ecosystem! Here are quick ways you can support it:

  • Buy products and services that were created by Deaf-owned businesses
  • Share, post, and spotlight Deaf-owned businesses on your social media accounts
  • Talk to your family and friends about Deaf-owned businesses
  • Hiring a Deaf professional for your workplace or household needs
  • Donating time, money, and/or resources to organizations and schools that serve Deaf and hard–of-hearing people
  • Amplify legislative bills that support Deaf people
  • Support local initiatives in your town and states that help accessibility and inclusion for the Deaf people
  • Create opportunities for the Deaf people

Still want to learn a little more about the Deaf Ecosystem and why you should care? We got you covered.

What’s #ShopDeaf?

It’s a community-driven hashtag that encourages other people to shop for gifts (for the holidays or year-round) that come from Deaf-owned businesses. When you #ShopDeaf, you’ll give your loved ones gifts they’ll love AND you’ll be supporting the Deaf Ecosystem at the same time! It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Where can I #ShopDeaf?

#ShopDeaf by going to our dedicated page featuring all the Deaf-owned businesses by going here. You’ll love what you’ll find there. It’s perfect for your family, friends, or even yourself! Thank you for investing in our communities by supporting the Deaf Ecosystem! 

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