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As the world’s largest Deaf-owned company, we’re all about making your professional and personal lives a little easier with our VRS and Virtual Interpreting services. 

We know how important it is to have a dynamic approach to workplace communication solutions for Deaf professionals. That’s why Convo Workplace is a must for any Deaf professional because we know what quality communication looks like at work, and we understand how it feels when someone has poor access to communication.

Our Workplace is fully customizable to your preferences, no questions asked.

Features of Convo Workplace

Convo Greeting

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Get your company’s automated greeting message the way you want it. We’ll customize your message to look anything you’d like, including messages, contact information, and logos. Also, we’ll provide voice and visual customization options for your company when Deaf and hearing callers call you. 

Virtual Interpreting

Our VRS is available 24/7 to support your calls, but sometimes you may want a dedicated interpreting experience customized to your preferences, especially by pairing interpreters that know and understand your industry. 

We provide:

  • On-demand interpreting
  • Live, on-site, and virtual interpreting for events and conferences
  • Pre-recording video interpreting
  • Deaf culture and conversational engagement training

Our Virtual Interpreting service is the perfect solution you’ll need to make your workplace a natural fit for you and your company. 

Deaf Ecosystem

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Cultivating and nurturing the Deaf Ecosystem is a big part of how we support the Deaf community. In our Workplace package, you’ll get access to the entire Deaf Ecosystem directory with more than 800 Deaf businesses listed so that you can connect with any of them for any need you may have. 

Ready to work with us?

Our Workplace bundle is designed to make your workplace a natural experience for you through ownership of your communication style, the way you like it. With our curated tools, robust features, and turnkey workplace solutions, we’ll design your workplace to feel more centered around you. Get started now!

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