Hello, Pasadena!

Something’s been brewing over at Convo. Yep! We have something new for you. And something that has nothing to do with VRS.

We’re thrilled to introduce Convo Now, your on-demand platform for in-person conversations. Stop by our booth to learn more!

What’s Convo Now? Glad you asked.

Convo Now is a new platform allowing you to have conversations anywhere in person. Go beyond simple gesturing and pointing and being left in the dark. Come expand your world with Convo Now.

Here's how it works:

Run your Convo Now app and select
Get an Interpreter.

Start your conversation!*

It’s that simple. Stop by our booth to see it in action.

A special promo for our Convo customers

Are you a Convo customer? If so, stop by our booth to learn more about a special limited time offer, just for you.

Don’t have a Convo Number?

Then stop by our booth to learn more!