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We can relate and as we shift to a more digital landscape for work and school, video conferencing is essential for productivity and communication. For Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, it’s not always Deaf-friendly or accessible. You can change all of that using Convo VRS! Convo makes it easy to use the Convo app with your favorite video conferencing platform so you can access our champ interpreters every time. 


Cutting to the chase, here are the instructions

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For Zoom Users

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are we limited to using Zoom with Convo interpreters or can other meeting platforms be used?
You can use Convo interpreters on any available meeting platform that has an audio dial-in number. We recommend Zoom because of their optimal user experience.

Is using Convo VRS with a video conferencing platform free?
Like TRS calls, VRS is free to the caller. Convo and other VRS providers are compensated for their costs from the Interstate TRS Fund, which the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees.

Do we need to schedule an appointment to use Convo VRS for our video conference?
No appointment is needed! You can call from the Convo app at your meeting’s start time.

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Our Customer Support team is here for you! If you need anything, we’re only a call or email away. Reach us at 510-629-5622 (VP) or email

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