Partnering to Provide Access to the Deaf Community
Together, Deaf Access Services and Convo Communications are providing mobile Video Relay Service (VRS) for Deaf patients quarantined in hotels, hospitals or at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Austin, Texas, April 14, 2020 – Convo Communications, the only Deaf-owned and fully FCC certified Video Relay Service (VRS) provider, has partnered with non-profit organization Deaf Access Services, to provide mobile Video Relay Service (VRS) to Deaf users who are quarantined in hotels, hospitals or at home so they can communicate with family, friends, and coworkers.

“It’s essential that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing have access to VRS like Convo that enables them to communicate via video conference with an interpreter,” says Pamela Kefi, Executive Director of Deaf Access Services. “Many current VRS solutions bind Deaf users to certain hardware, but quarantined individuals often cannot have their office or home hardware brought to them. Convo’s VRS enables greater access to communication for the Deaf Community whether it be during quarantine, travel, for work or personal use.” 

The COVID-19 outbreak highlights the critical need for equal access to communication for the deaf community to receive vital information related to health and safety, as well as the ability to communicate to hearing family, friends, co-workers and service providers. Any organizations seeking to provide equal access to its members are encouraged to contact Convo Communications.

 “We are excited to partner with community organizations that provide essential services to the deaf community,” says Megan Vizzini, Director of Customer Success at Convo. “We are committed to providing reliable access to VRS communication so our consumers can communicate with their loved ones and coworkers during this critical time.”

Convo is 100% app-based and available 24/7. Our short call to answer times and quality interpreters are the best in the industry and backed customer support via email, live chat, video call, and weekly webinars.

About Convo

Convo is the nation’s only Video Relay Service provider that is Deaf-owned and fully certified by the FCC. Founded in 2009, we deliver a 24/7 on-demand VRS service with highly trained and certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters that blend sign-centric culture and video conference communication to meet the unique needs of our users. Convo’s mission is to provide communication solutions to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, groups and organizations for both workplace and personal use. To learn more, visit

About Deaf Access Services

Deaf Access Services responds to the interests of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals by promoting communication access, awareness, and opportunities in the greater community. Deaf Adult Services (DAS) is an affiliate of People Inc, in Buffalo NY, was established in 1983 by a group of committed volunteers interested in the welfare of the Deaf community. DAS was set up as an independent, not for profit organization and continues to be the only agency of its kind serving the eight counties of Western New York.

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