Three Black people signing "Black Lives Matter"


Resources for action and change

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At Convo, we are using our platform to spotlight Black Deaf owned businesses, organizations, and anti-racism resources to amplify the voices of Black members in our community. Our goal is to provide these resources to encourage education and dismantle racism and bias in our country by championing organizations and small businesses who are taking action. 

As a company, we will make a conscious effort to continually educate ourselves and support the Black community. We won’t always get it right but we are committed to doing the work of allyship.

This list is a collection of resources in different categories: ACT, DONATE, SUPPORT, READ, & WATCH. If you have resource recommendations for us to add, please send them to


Call / E-mail

Contact your congresspeople and ask them to support Representatives Pressley and Omar’s resolution condemning police brutality

Sign Petitions


Black Deaf Organizations

Black Organizations

Black Deaf Business




We encourage purchasing books from Black Owned bookstores in your area because where we spend our money matters. Here are two links to help you find bookstores you can support: Conde Nast Traveler | Literary Hub