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The Different Types

Calls are ordinary, but each caller is extraordinary.

"The Chatterbox" poster

Chatterboxes love to start off their conversations by saying “Funny story…” When calls are quiet, the Chatterboxes fill the time by talking, talking, and more talking. Words per minute? More like signs per minute.

Likes: Texting, gossip, and The Hangout 

Dislikes: Silence, secrets, meditation

The Boomer poster

While Boomers may be confused by words (Emojis? What’s that?) they are an adorable bunch who enjoy connecting with the interpreters. Abrupt hang-ups sometimes happen with them. Bless their hearts.

Likes: Early bird specials, trimmed lawns, ConvoLink

Dislikes: Fast signs, TikTok, uncomfortable recliners

The Messenger poster

Talking to Messengers is like talking to a mirror. They copy every sign the interpreters make, relaying messages to the Deaf friends. Conversations between Messengers and Deaf friends happen all the time.

Likes: Telephone game, writing letters, The Deaf Ecosystem

Dislikes: Solo dates, indecisive friends, silent films

The Distracted poster

The Distracted are expert multitaskers. Got a meal to cook? Need to make sure kids behave themselves? Why don’t do them all during a VRS call? Hard for us, but easy for the Distracted!

Likes: Shiny things, to-do lists, Focus Feature for Convo

Dislikes: Yoga, vanilla ice cream, golf

The Sleepyhead poster

Sleepyheads’ natural habitat is nesting in their beds while being half-awake and yawning in the middle of their VRS calls. Their favorite question to ask is: “Mind repeating that?” as they’ll miss messages dozing off.

Likes: Comfy pajamas, dark rooms, Hanging up calls

Dislikes: Alarm clocks, the early shift at work, nightmares

The Overexplainer poster

The best traits to describe Overexplainers are: detailed and precise. They spend a lot of time explaining information in detail (maybe too exact) to the VRS interpreters before a call. Their intentions are good, though.

Likes: History channel, encyclopedias, Convo’s Blog

Dislikes: Poems, aliens, paradoxes

The Ghost poster

Ghosts enjoy calling and then suddenly disappearing by leaving the screen. Hearing callers and interpreters will have to wait in silence, and the Ghosts may never come back to resume their calls.

Likes: Horror movies, rocking chairs, Convo’s Videomail

Dislikes: Dirty sheets, busy towns, disconnected calls

The Driver poster

Drivers will always have a steering wheel present in their VRS calls. Sometimes calls happen when out doing errands, so the Drivers will pull over to answer VRS calls in parking lots. FYI, their moods change instantly if people stare at them while they’re in the middle of a call.

Likes: Low gas prices, parking lots, Convo Passport

Dislikes: Nosy people, poor signal, dead phone battery

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