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It's VRS on the web. No download required.

Works on Chrome and Safari
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Meet Convo Link

Life is unpredictable—but your communication access shouldn’t be. You should be able to make a call when you want from any computer without the hassle of app downloads and firewalls. That’s why we created Convo Link, VRS you can use on the web. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and one link. It’s that simple!

Works on

Two browser platforms of Chrome and Safari
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Features You'll Love

No Download Required

Access VRS from the web on any computer with a browser. (Get around firewalls!).

Flash Notifications

Call notifications flash on your screen, so you can work without missing a call.

Quick Switch

Connect your Convo numbers to easily switch from one # to another.

Adjustable Screen Size

Adjust your screen to any size you want: full screen or side by side.

Text Chat

Use text chat to share info with your interpreter during VRS calls.

Third-Party Feature: Google Live Caption

Ever wished for captions during a VRS call? Well, guess what… there’s a hack you can use! Google’s Live Caption feature on Chrome can caption anything on the web, including calls using Convo Link!

Watch to learn how.

What Convo Users Say

Convo Link is the best thing you guys have given us! Thank you! This girl is feeling so grateful right now. One way to get around all the firewall struggles.

I use text box very often to share information with the interpreter, especially when we use government jargon or acronyms.

Accessible, sometimes the camera doesn’t come on with the downloaded software and that never happens via a browser.

It helps me to make calls on any computers that do not have Convo installed. I was concerned about Flash Player being unsupported in web browsers. Convo Link resolved the concern.

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