Two people talking to each other via VP

What is video relay service?

Video Relay Service (VRS) allows deaf and hard of hearing (HH) individuals who use sign language (SL) to communicate with voice telephone users through video equipment and a high-speed Internet connection. A video interpreter relays the conversation at no cost to the caller. Convo is compensated by the Telecommunications Relay Service Fund, which the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees.

Three icons of people communicating via VRS

A deaf/HH person can make and receive VRS calls. The deaf/HH caller will always connect with a video interpreter (VI) onscreen first. The interpreter will place the call to a number provided by the caller and once connected, the interpreter will proceed to relay messages verbatim back and forth, alternating between SL (with the deaf/HH caller) and spoken language (with the hearing caller). At Convo we provide the highest quality interpreting services in the industry thanks to our highly trained and skilled interpreters. All VRS calls are kept confidential and are not recorded.