Convo for iOS

For iOS 14 or later
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Features we love

Three images of a potential emergency call plus a list of names

Swipe to take action

  • Hang Up

    Do a short swipe down to hang up and keep interpreter, or a long swipe to end the connection.
  • 911

    After tapping the 911 button, swipe right to confirm the call.

  • History

    Swipe right to call back or swipe left to delete.

Three images of women interpreting

What you can do during calls

  • Call History

    View your call history to copy a number or call back while you have your interpreter on screen

  • Dialpad

    Use Dialpad to enter numbers yourself for phone tree menus during calls.

  • Voice Carry Over

    Turn VCO on during calls any time you choose to use your voice.

Examples of a Convo App call

Personalize your experience

  • Search

    Enjoy a smarter search experience with suggestions, categories, and matching results that also pull from Apple Maps.

  • Contact Card

    Customize your contacts with an avatar and tags.

  • Accessibility

    Enhanced accessibility settings for sharper interface, zoomed in or out video, and button positioning.

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For iOS 13 or later