Hello, Washington D.C.!

We know we’ve been quiet these days but we have great news for you. Something’s been brewing over at Convo. Yep! We have something new for you. And something that has nothing to do with VRS or VRI. We’re thrilled to introduce Convo Now, a different way to have conversations.

Inspired and motivated by a trip to Australia and conversations with other Deaf people there, Wayne wanted to see if we could do something similar here in the United States. And this is how Convo Now was born.

What’s Convo Now? Glad you asked.

Convo Now is a new platform allowing you to have conversations anywhere in person. Go beyond simple gesturing and pointing and being left in the dark. Come expand your world with Convo Now.

Here's how it works:

Find our sign in the store and scan the QR code to connect to an ASL interpreter

Start a conversation!*

It’s that simple. See it in action.

*The quality of conversation is dependent on WiFi/LTE connectivity and sound levels in the store.

Where to try Convo Now

Currently, we’re testing in a few locations, including Washington D.C., and we invite you to try the new Convo Now at selected businesses. Take a look at the map below for places to visit and try out Convo Now. Let us know what you think!

After all, your journey is also our journey.

Let's have a conversation

Delighted to be at Gallaudet this weekend! As a proud Bison Tank sponsor, we're eager to chat with you in D.C.

Find out what we can do for you at the Student Academic Center's Multipurpose Room from 6 pm - 8 pm during the competition. Let's connect!

It's good for business

Are you a business owner in the DMV area? Want to give your Deaf customers the full experience at your store?

Want to keep using Convo Now?

We’re evolving how we do conversations and we invite you to be a part of the next generation of Convo.

Don't have a Convo Number?