The conversation starts here.

We’re changing how conversations happen and we want you to be a part of it.

Hello there.

First of all, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your amazing support through the years. We are here today because of you. We’re still Deaf-owned. Thank you. However, I do want to acknowledge your discouragement with our current system and platform experience. They haven’t been upgraded for several years now. It’s not just you. We share that discouragement as well. We recognize that making calls through VRS is an amazing gift to our community. It has opened worlds up for us.

But how do we improve our lives after we hang up? We still have the other half of our lives to live. What if our hearing neighbor wants to strike up a chat? We have to mentally configure how to accommodate that need. Maybe it’s a text conversation? And what about family gatherings? We have to scan those conversations and quite possibly miss half of what’s being said. So many things. Everyday. We lose the opportunity to make conversations.

We share those frustrations at Convo. We want to improve that part of our lives, too. Our goal remains the same. We want to make an impact on the lives of Deaf individuals. Through making conversations possible. As we navigated our journey, through our partnerships with the countries that we serve internationally, we learned about their experiences. We wanted to bring these rich and profound stories to people here. We want to share these stories with you. And to learn more stories from you. We want you to contribute ideas.

Right now we are testing a new platform with a new paradigm. We are looking for early adopters to be part of this program. To try this out with us. To see if it works or doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, we’ll toss it and start over. We’ll keep going. Until we find a solution that’s right for us. We’re very excited about this opportunity. We want to take what we feel now and turn it into impact. And this impact will turn into real conversations. That impact your lives on a daily basis. Think about a world where we can have conversations everywhere we go. That has always been our goal. We look forward to having you join the movement.

Help us chart the future of our people.

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