Josh Allman



Lead Platform Software Engineer

As a proud San Diegan, I harbor dreams of kelp farming. Until then, I employ similar skills at Convo: deep-dive into systems, tease out their components, and enact solutions. Also, I manage the technology development for our internal systems and the Convo Announce product line. Pretty sure I'm living the life.

Adam Betts



Lead UX Designer

My ultimate goal is to raise the bar for app experiences, specifically for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people. Apps do not have to be ugly or cumbersome to use, so I design and modify until they look and feel great on your end. User interface is my passion. I would be doing it still even if I ever become an astronaut (a dream I've always had since I went to Space Camp as a kid).

Wayne Betts, Jr.


WayneBetts, Jr.

Co-Founder | Chief Strategic Officer

As a filmmaker at heart, I've always had the desire to create a lasting impact on the Deaf community. After co-founding Convo, the opportunity to do meaningful work with people sharing the same passion was transformative. My role is to ensure that we move towards our vision and remain a signing-centric company for generations to come. When ideas keep me up at night, I watch The Food Network.

Jared Evans



IT Infrastructure Manager

I see our Deaf community as a network that's tightly connected and intertwined. As IT Infrastructure Manager, I work with our talented engineers to support back-end systems and call centers, but most importantly, I connect people. My to-do list is long, but someday I hope to check off one thing on it: master watercolor painting!

Leila Hanaumi



Brand Director

I often ask myself: “Is the work I do meaningful?” In my role at Convo, I eat, breathe, and live the company's core values and philosophy. I work with the creative team in communicating what we stand for to the world. At the end of the day, the answer to my own question is always, “Yes.” One day I hope to use the experience and inspiration this job has given me to write a book.

Braam Jordaan



Vice President of Global Operations

You'll find me all over the world in my duties of fostering and maintaining a positive and universal perception of Convo. I tirelessly promote sign language as a human right and I create visual arts to uplift communities, such as my animation and children's book, The Rubbish Monster. I strive to set high standards for Deaf people everywhere. It's a challenge, but knowing 9 languages helps!

Nathalie Johnston



Business Curator

If anyone understands the ups and downs of running a business, it's me. Being a business owner is a monumental task to take on, but it is worth the challenge. I pass on my experience and knowledge to other business owners, and give them the tools, resources, and the network they need to succeed. When you have the community at your back, the chances of thriving as a business are greater.

Jay Kowalczyk



Creative Director

I was originally a Social Work major at Gallaudet University, but life had other plans in store for me. Today, as Creative Director, I lead the team by providing a fresh, new perspective in our marketing and film campaigns. When I'm not wearing that hat, you can find me pulling all-nighters to complete creative projects, playing with my drone, or beating Convo folks at ping-pong.

Jarrod Musano



Chief Executive Officer

My years in real estate gave me valuable business knowledge, but I felt something was missing. When I joined Convo as CEO in 2013, I found my purpose. Each morning, I wake up ready to lead the company towards our vision and find new ways to give back to our community. The amazing culture at Convo allows us to grow together as a team and as a family. The secret sauce is the people.

Jeff Neable



IT Support Manager

Just like gears and other moving parts need oil to run smoothly, a company needs a solid IT structure in place. At Convo, I lead the team in providing IT support to our people. When I first joined, there were only 8 of us. Now, we've grown to 250+ employees! Someday, I would also love see the number of countries I've visited grow just as exponentially.

Sophia Nelson



Western Region Manager

I began my interpreting career in 1994, came to work with Convo in 2010, and I've never looked back! As a CODA whose father was a business owner, I feel like I've found a home at this Deaf-owned company. I provide support to our call centers across the region and I consider the people I work with my extended family. What I do is truly my life's work. The rest is icing on the cake!

Isidore Niyongabo



Human Resources Manager

My international development and human rights background helps ensure that we hire and retain the best talents possible. Everyone here is from different walks of life, yet we are all connected by our language. I don't feel like I just work at Convo; because of the company's core values, it is more like home. Fun fact: It is my dream to give Deaf children in developing countries access to education and to become a professional dancer.

Tamara Ocuto



Lead Community Curator

Since our community is always evolving, I am constantly searching for new solutions to support its growth. I lead a team of Community Curators that are here for your local resources, whether it's through our Community Directory or one-on-one interactions. If it wasn't for this Deaf community that I love so much, I'd probably be living on an island.

Kristi Riggs-DiPinto



Director of Interpreting

How many can say they're living the dream? I can! I get to spend time with phenomenal and passionate people every day at Convo. As Director of Interpreting, I motivate others to be their best selves in all aspects of the job. We create a safe environment for our interpreters, and this leads to warm and authentic connections with our users.

Jeff Rosen



General Counsel

I bring decades of legal experience and consumer advocacy to my role. I was actively involved with the Deaf President Now movement and helped with the formation of Americans with Disabilities Act. Today, I'm inspired by Convo's next generation of Deaf leaders and employees. It's a lot more fun to work with a growing company than a grown company.

Vanessa Scarna



Director of Experience Design

Going above and beyond expectations is a daily goal for me. I support my team in designing top-notch and tailored experiences that meet the needs of schools, businesses, and organizations. I'm proud to come from a big Deaf, Italian family, so I mean it when I say there's nothing more fulfilling than serving my community!

Joshua Shaffner



Vice President of Technology

It's humbling to see how much we've grown. When I first joined, I was one of the few engineers. Now, I manage more than I can count with my fingers… and toes. In my role, I convert the company's vision to engineered solutions and new technology. I enjoy the simple things in life like brewing lattes and body surfing at Lake Michigan (where there are no salt or sharks to deal with).

Elena Shapiro



Director of Support

In another life, I would be a doctor. Which makes sense considering my current role is to diagnose, fix, and improve scenarios for my patients–er–Convo users. What I love about Convo is that it's not about the numbers; it's about creating a satisfying experience for customers. Simply put, if you've got technical issues, product questions, or a scraped knee, come see me.

Ellen Synder



Eastern Region Manager

In my position, you gotta have a keen eye for details and the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. I oversee the eastern region call centers to ensure we're operating above par and recruiting the right interpreters. Convo doesn't only support the Deaf community, we also support the Interpreting community. I love Convo because we love people!

Scott Stein



Director of Finance

In my 20 years working for different companies as an accountant, I've always wanted to work for a Deaf-owned company. Even though I work with numbers, having full communication access in the workplace is important for me. At Convo, I am the controller who takes care of the company's financial needs and monitors cash flow. In another life, I would be proud to serve our country as a Navy SEAL.

Claudio Villalobos



Senior Software Architect

Hello from Chile! I am a software architect that enjoys playing billiards in my spare time. At work, I live for innovation. I create blueprints for our software, draft ideas, and build them into reality. I'm often on the endless search for perfection in my work. I don't believe in cutting corners or avoiding them (except for when I sink that ball in).