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Convo is deaf-owned and develops VRS technologies that allow phone convos for ASL users living in a global economy.

Why the Name Convo?

We considered names that focused on ourselves, such as using one of our names or a signature element of our brand. Then we slapped ourselves in the face.

The name Convo reflects our business casual attitude. We're friendly and professional and our service is comfortable. And we're all yours.

“I got many calls from weeping parents who for the first time were able to communicate comfortably with their kids.”

-Ed Bosson

Ed Bosson is widely recognized as the Father of Video Relay Services (VRS). While managing the statewide 7-1-1 service with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), he pioneered VRS with a four-city trial then a statewide trial, both in 1995.

"I got many calls from weeping parents who for the first time were able to communicate comfortably with their kids. One recurring message I got was that their kids would tell them who their boy/girlfriend was, that they played football or basketball or etc, and that they griped about lousy food at school and all the useless but meaningful news to parents."

History Youngedbosson
Ed Bosson with his proof of concept in 1992.

For his contribution, Ed was honored with an award from the Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. and a honorary doctorate from Gallaudet University. In 2008 he retired after 19 years with the PUCT.

Today Ed chairs the Board of Directors at Convo and in this capacity he advises on all policy development and regulatory activities. He also blogs on telecom issues at, something he has done since 2006.


Some Facts About Us

Headquarters Pleasanton, CA
Locations Bay Area, CA; Sacramento, CA; Mobile, AL; Fort Wayne, IN; Rochester, NY
Products Convo Anywhere, Green Book, ConvoIM, Convo Desktop, Convo Mobile
Incorporation Limited Liability Company
Convo is
  • Deaf-owned
  • Open 24/7 year-round
  • Privately owned and without funding from equity groups
  • With employees, for whom 100% actively use sign language
  • Among the top five largest VRS providers

    March 2009, Convo is born

    Mar 2009 Convo is founded
    May 2009 Launches relay service
    Aug 2009 Launches ConvoIM
    Feb 2010 Moves HQ to San Ramon, CA

    Launches Convo Green Book

    Opens San Ramon, CA call center
    Apr 2010 Opens Mobile, AL call center
    Jul 2010 Opens Roseville, CA call center
    Oct 2010 Launches Convo Anywhere
    Nov 2011 Conditionally certified by the FCC
    Jan 2012 Opens Fort Wayne, IN call center
    Sept 2012 Opens Rochester, NY call center
    Oct 2012 Moves HQ to Pleasanton, CA